Simon Kämpfer is a German artist and 3D designer working with Digital Media as his medium. Using bright colors and minimalist lines, his primary subjects consist of time, matter, and spatiality. Simon's alluring aesthetics and subtle concepts result in a joyful yet calming visual mood, juxtaposing realistic elements with supernatural characteristics, while challenging preconceived notions of time and space.


Morten Lasskogen is a Copenhagen-based visual artist working with 3D imagery as his medium. His work challenges the viewer to explore an interdisciplinary place - a place resting between the recognized and the unfamiliar. Inspired by light and shadows, his work balances minimalism and surrealism, and futuristic aesthetics with objects of the present day. Exploring notions of present, future and past, his work poses questions about the shared experience of our environment, today as well as in the future.


Anna Edholm is a Swedish visual artist, whose work mix photography with an imaginative and surprising editing of the original image. Her creative process is focused on reality and life as we see it, juxtaposed with a surprising and distorted element, thereby demonstrating the feelings, dilemmas and situations we are exposed to in modern society. Using stripped-down environments and melancholic lighting, her work portrays a world where one can no longer be completely sure about what is real and what is not.


Jamie Martin is a Birmingham based visual artist and designer. Central to Jamie’s practice is the moment of solitude, captured through imaginative and restful impressions that carry with them a tempting and transcending character. Through his colorful visual representations, Jamie allows the viewer the rare opportunity to delve into moments of seclusion, while exploring themes of escapism, daydreams and serenity.


Alex Purcell is a multi-award winning Visual Artist working with moving image, CGI and animation as the cornerstones of his artistic expression. Not a stranger to the unknown; Alex explores creativity from a space of minimalist purity and supernatural futurism, allowing his visual artistry to transcend far from the conventional. With elements of tranquility and magic realism alongside assertive modernism, he describes himself as profound as any - a digital lighthouse keeper emitting content into the unknown.