&H Selects | 3 Collage Artists worth a closer look

The contemporary (digital) art scene is bustling on social media with an abundance of talented visual artists riding the pictorial wave and connecting with their audience directly via Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or other digital platforms.

We have searched one of the world’s most prominent art sharing platforms – Instagram –  for our own short but definitive list of three digital collage artists worth a closer look.
Merging human figures with dreamy landscapes, Ekayyne is a Brussels-based artist that takes his audience to a place beyond the immediate reality. Combining elements that are not always compatible in real life, he challenges our perception of the surrounding, but perhaps also of ourselves. With pieces perfectly merging the two visual universes of humanity and nature, his work exuberates balance and provocation in an eclectic mix.

Natasha Chomko is the creative artist behind the contemporary surrealism art project POST WOOK. Slicing elements, arranging colors, and creating new worlds out of old ones, her art challenges our perspective of reality, carefully adding elements of signs and symbolism into landscapes and human contexts.

Surprised spacemen on crowded beaches, human faces merged with celestial bodies and occasional neon text-strips in realistic settings. Seamless is a digital collage artists with a style as distinctive as it is thought-provoking. We love the work to the moon and back!