&H Interviews | American Digital Artist Morgan Whitney on mystery, daydreaming and turning the regular into magic

With a distinctive color palette, supernatural imagery and a will to create magic out of the ordinary, Morgan Whitney is no doubt one of our favorite artists. We sat down with her for a talk on how she started with digital art, where she goes to find inspiration, and what the future has in store.

&H: When did you start creating digital art and what got you started?
MW: I started creating digital art in 2015 when I started a job as a product photographer. I learned photoshop for the job. I began doing cut out work using glitter and vintage Hollywood icons. Eventually I learned how to superimpose images, and being a huge Tumblr fan I decided to take a modern route. 
&H: We see alot of mystery in your art. Do you agree and if so, is it a conscious choice?
MW: All aspects of the supernatural intrigue me. I was raised around women who live in a love and light belief system so I was introduced to the idea of alternate realities at a young age. I would say a lot of my work is subconscious, sometimes I’ll create something and get deja vu.  
&H: Your work “where you wanna be” has been widely shared on social media. Why do you think it has become so popular?
MW: “Where you wanna be” has seriously exceeded my expectations and has blessed me in so many ways in 2019. As far as why it became popular, I consider humans to be visual creatures and colors intrigue people. Sometimes even move them. The contrast of where you wanna be creates a magical atmosphere and leaves people wondering if it’s real or fake? Is it night or day? That is my goal for most of my art. Mystery and Magic!

"Where you wanna be" - Morgan Whitney

&H: What does showing your art on Instagram mean to you?
MW: It means a lot to me. It gave me the outlet to show others how much creation means to me and it has given me so many opportunities to meet other amazing artists as well. We all inspire each other in so many ways.
&H: Who is your favorite artist?
MW: My favorite artist today is Sara Shakeel. She has driven me to pursue my art like no one else and has reminded me that no matter who or what you are it’s never to late to chase your dreams. I also find her to be such an affluent figure in the community because regardless of her enormous following she makes time for her fans and thanks them genuinely. 
&H: Where do you go to find inspiration for your work? 
MW: My inspiration comes from my love for astronomy, astrology and the supernatural. I am always in awe of the moon and stars no matter how many times I look up. Poetry is another inspiration, my feelings spill out on paper and I make them into a reality in photoshop. 
&H: What education do you think is needed to succeed in digital art?
MW: Like anything, dedication, commitment and hard work is what you need to succeed. I am self taught. I have never been to school for graphic arts and I don’t think anyone should feel they need to go to school to learn a skill set in arts. Practice makes progress, never aspire to be perfect. The secret is - nobody is perfect. Your craft will always speak for itself. 
&H: You call yourself a daydreamer, nighthinker and alchemist. Which descriptor is most influential for your art?
MW: I would say all 3. I daydream often and come up with ideas that I have to jot down before I lose them and I am a person who lets my mind wander at night thinking of so many different perspectives of the universe. And I’m an alchemist because I can turn regular things into MAGIC.
&H: How do you see your work evolve in the future and what is in store for 2020?
MW: I have so many plans but a true artists never reveals their secrets right? I hope for a prosperous 2020, filled with new opportunities and connections to expand my work, oh and lots and lots of MERCH!

Check out more from Morgan Whitney on her Instagram page